The Results are In!


We recently asked you to participate in our annual survey, and to evaluate how we’re doing. We wanted to know: how do you feel about our services? Our classes? Our events? Has Foundation Center impacted your work?

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to participate—your feedback is invaluable. And we’d like to share our top five takeaways from your responses.

1. You use our resources to maximize the impact of your organizations.

“The Foundation Center has helped me to understand that fundraising is so much more than just writing grants. It’s helped me to see how important it is to be able to articulate the goals of our organization so that people are as passionate about it as I am.”

"The information at the Foundation Center is in depth and well laid out. We have developed working plans, job descriptions, volunteer training protocols and a myriad of other functions using the information found in the Foundation Center resources. Thanks Foundation Center!"

2. Our workshops, social sector librarians, and convenings help you write more effective grants. When you come to us for help, you feel more confident about fundraising and networking with donors and foundations.

“[Foundation Center] gave me a great intro into the world of fundraising—helped me learn the language, connect to others in the field, and gave me a great resource to point other fundraisers to.”

“When I first started, we were applying for any grant we could find and burning ourselves out. Thanks to Foundation Center, I learned how to do better research and focus our efforts.”

3. From webinars to GrantSpace to FDO—you really like our online tools.

“Through the Foundation Online Directory, I have found local and national grant opportunities. I also love GrantSpace.”

"I've found the free webinars and trainings to be particularly helpful in allowing me to expand my knowledge of a particular topic."

4. Our tools help you further your career… or launch your own nonprofit.

“I took a week-long grantwriting intensive and it launched my grantwriting career.”

“I've been to networking events, trainings, panels, guest talks, and have used the online resources both in person and from another library. The Foundation Center allowed me to start a nonprofit with only a previous background in engineering and slowly but surely learn the skills necessary to fundraise.”

5. We help you think (and fundraise) outside the box.

“I have been able to look at organizational stories to try and understand how to better shape our story. In addition I have had the opportunity to look at funding sources that I would not have thought of. This has helped to allow us to think differently and to begin to look at new avenues of funding that we normally may not have thought of.”

Thank you for all your efforts this year to strengthen our communities and fulfill your missions. On behalf of us all here at Foundation Center West, happy holidays! We look forward to serving you in the New Year!