The City of San Francisco is Addressing Nonprofit Displacement


On November 2, 2017, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and the Northern California Community Loan Fund along with key partners announced $2.2M in transformative space acquisition grants to three community-serving nonprofits. The awards will provide vital seed funding to nonprofit projects, creating over 45,000 square feet of permanent, nonprofit-owned space. These investments will increase accessibility to childcare, legal services, arts activities, counseling and health services to San Francisco residents, especially in low-income and historically under-served communities. 

“With federal funding cuts harming critical social and health services, our City needs to support residents who rely on these resources,” said Mayor Edwin M. Lee. “These nonprofit partners are essential providers of health, homelessness and community service programs, and providing them with permanent space is a lasting solution to the cost pressures that they face. When we strengthen our nonprofits, we strengthen our City.” 

The grants are a key part of Mayor Lee’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, which includes a total investment of $9 million over three years. San Francisco has launched new programs such as the Nonprofit Space Investment Fund, the Nonprofit Space Stabilization Program, and the Nonprofit Impact Accelerator. These investments reinforce San Francisco's groundbreaking support of nonprofit space and sustainability and investments in resilience that have been adapted regionally and beyond to stabilize nonprofits and prevent displacement. 

”Nonprofit partnerships are vital to the well-being of San Francisco’s citizens and the communities that make up our City,” said Todd Rufo, Director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. “Nonprofit employees make up more than 17% of our City’s workforce and the number of nonprofits in our City continues to increase. OEWD is committed to helping all businesses, including nonprofits, thrive and grow to ensure economic opportunity and a vibrant economy.” 

About the Grantees 

  • Compass Family Services helps San Francisco families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness achieve housing stability, economic self-sufficiency and family well-being. Its new space will be located at 1236 Market Street. Award: $1 million 
  • Mission Neighborhood Centers delivers culturally sensitive, multi-generational, community based services focused on low-income families. Relocation and expansion at 1850 Bryant Street will allow them to offer full-day, year-round Head Start childcare and expand their services to include infants and toddlers. MNC preschool classrooms receive curricular enhancements, such as regular sessions with visiting artists and performers through the Performing Arts Workshop, among other resources. NSI funding is critical to help MNC meet new requirements and maintain its low-income childcare program. Award: $1 million
  • Planned Parenthood is at capacity in its existing leased site and visit volume has increased 50% in the past three years. Their new space at 1522 Bush Street will become their flagship location and will help expand services to meet community needs. NSI funding will support this new, permanent space, facilitating Planned Parenthood’s service expansion and capacity building. Award: $175,000

“NCCLF is proud to work with the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development to sponsor the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative,” said Joanne Lee, Director of Consulting Services and Program Development for the Northern California Community Loan Fund. “These grant awards from the Nonprofit Space Investment Fund will enable our community organizations to purchase offices in San Francisco and continue serving our neighborhood residents.” Guidelines for the next round of financial assistance through the Nonprofit Space Stabilization Program will be released in December 2017. Nonprofits interested in applying for future assistance can visit for program details and eligibility guidelines.

About the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative
San Francisco’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative deploys a variety of tools to help stabilize nonprofits. The initiative builds on the results of previous programs, such as the Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program, as well as past efforts such as the Nonprofit Space Capital Fund, a program launched by NCCLF in 2001 with support from the City of San Francisco, private foundations and nonprofits. With increasing demands for a diverse array of government services, San Francisco has over 7,000 nonprofits that often work in partnership with the City to address complex challenges and the needs of its residents.   

About the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD)
The Office of Economic and Workforce Development's (OEWD) aims to create shared prosperity in San Francisco. OEWD provides city-wide leadership for workforce development, business attraction and retention, neighborhood commercial revitalization, international business and development 

About the Northern California Community Loan Fund
The Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) is a nonprofit organization committed to California's low-income communities. For 30 years, NCCLF has partnered with socially conscious impact investors and mission-driven organizations to support low-income communities' need for housing, education, healthcare, food, jobs and economic opportunity. The organization provides loans and working capital, as well as consulting and technical assistance, so that mission-driven organizations can achieve their vision of financially secure and culturally vibrant communities. 

About the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
The mission of the Community Development division at the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) is to partner with the community to strengthen the social, physical and economic infrastructure of San Francisco's low-income neighborhoods and communities in need. MOHCD has been designated as the city agency to administer the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program. 

About the San Francisco Arts Commission
The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is the City agency that champions the arts as essential to daily life by investing in a vibrant arts community, enlivening the urban environment and shaping innovative cultural policy. Its programs include: Civic Art Collection, Civic Design Review, Community Investments, Public Art, SFAC Galleries and Street Artist