REPLAY! Cracking the Funding Code: How Tech Gives

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Check out our recorded session above for an insider’s look at corporate philanthropy giving trends in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, particularly focusing on education funding trends. Juliana Deans, from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Corporate Responsibility department, which manages over 100 corporate philanthropic programs, along with tech company representatives, provided insights into the following questions:

What are best practices when it comes to working in partnership with tech companies?
What kinds of support do companies provide?
Why did my grant proposal get rejected?
What are some current trends in the way tech companies are approaching education-focused philanthropy?


Patty Nation, Director of Global Corporate and Community Engagement for Xilinx, Inc.
Cecily Joseph, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Diversity Officer, Symantec Corporation
Juliana Deans, Manager of Corporate Responsibility, Silicon Valley Community Foundation


Introductions by Janet Camarena, Foundation Center.

5:58- Agenda with Juliana Deans, Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

6:45- Introduction to corporate responsibility at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

18:15- Tips for engaging with tech companies.

22:13- What are panelists’ responses to the statement that tech companies invest deeply in education as a means of innovation and marketplace survival?

35:50- There is an ongoing concern that public education in the US is still designed around 19th century industrialism techniques rather than modern day values of connectivity and globalization. Panelists address the question of whether tech companies can address this issue.

41:25- In 10 words or less, what advice can panelists share with the audience on interacting with tech companies?


43:15- Do employees tend to volunteer and invest in nonprofits near their homes or near their workplaces?

45:29- Are panelists noticing trends towards hiring more diverse populations at present as well as investing in education to create a more diverse pipeline?

49:04- Panelists address tech companies’ opportunities to support environmental concerns.

52:50- How can nonprofits come to the attention of community foundations in the first place, in order to best position themselves with companies?

57:12- What are alternative ideas for engaging with companies if a nonprofit does not have the capacity for large scale volunteer days?

59:15- How do employee giving campaigns fit in to the new landscape of giving?


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