3 Ways to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

December 10, 2015

Imagine your good luck: you’re at a holiday party, and find yourself one-on-one with a potential major donor you’ve never had the chance to meet before. Can you quickly and compellingly impress them with what your organization stands for? Storytelling is easy when you’re engaging people who already know what your organization stands for, but getting the essence of your story across in less than a minute can be challenging.

How Foundations Are Supporting Voting Rights

How Foundations Are Supporting Voting Rights

December 8, 2015

Foundation Center’s new tool, Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy, indicates that foundations made grants of almost $299 million between 2011 and 2014 in the campaigns, elections, and voting category, which  includes support for implementation, research, reform, and/or mobilizations efforts related to campaign finance, election administration, redistricting, voting access, as well as voter registration, education, and turnout. More than half those grant dollars went for voter registration, education, and turnout initiatives, and, as one might expect, the annual total spiked in 2012, a presidential election year, as did funding for voting rights efforts.

Michele Dilworth

Announcing Foundation Center West's New Regional Director

December 4, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Michele Dilworth has joined our team as Director of Foundation Center West. Michele will oversee the San Francisco operations while focusing on building new partnerships across the Western region and repositioning the Center as a key player in social innovation.

Attract and Retain the “Best and the Brightest” Employees in 2016: Participate in “Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2016 Compe...

Attract and Retain the “Best and the Brightest” Employees in 2016: Participate in “Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2016 Compensation and Benefits Survey”

December 3, 2015

67% of the 2015 survey's participants see hiring challenges in the year ahead, as economic conditions continue to improve. They foresee increased competition from their colleagues and businesses to attract and retain the "best and brightest" employees. More than they have in recent years, they'll need the wealth of information produced by the 2016 survey to compete effectively on this new playing field.

Brittany Neish

4 Ways To Give Back

December 2, 2015

Many term the Holiday season as a time of giving but I think that over the years we've gotten the giving wrong.  Giving doesn't mean shopping for the perfect material item to give to somebody or trampling over one another to get the best deal on Black Friday. To me - giving has always meant compassionately doing an act of service for someone else with a smile and a big dose of enthusiasm.