Blog posts from March 2016

If Philanthropy Won’t Take Risks, Who Will?

March 4, 2016
black lives matter

This guest post first appeared in PhilanTopic.

As an activist in the Bay Area for nearly two decades, I worked on the front lines advocating for ideas that were considered "radical" at the time. I led organizations that organized and trained young people to fight for criminal justice reform and gender justice, and I helped organize rallies and protests calling for an end to mass incarceration for youth and adults.

Form 990

Using 990s to Tell Your Story

March 2, 2016

More and more donors are looking at a charity's Form 990 (or as we call them, "990s") before they decide to give. How can nonprofits prepare their 990s to best engage the attention and heart of their readers while explaining their mission, work, and results in concise and compelling ways?