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What Does It Really Mean To Be An Engaged Donor?

July 21, 2016

Do you know the amount of support your donors are willing to provide your organization? If not, then figure it out to learn which of them might be coaxed into doing more and which of them are comfortable, for the time being, at their existing level of engagement. If you can do that, more of your donors will be happy, you and your colleagues will be happier, and your organization's future will look a lot brighter.

Darian Rodriguez Heyman

What Would You Ask the World’s Most Successful Fundraisers?

June 28, 2016

The following guest blog is written by accomplished fundraiser, social entrepreneur, and best-selling author, Darian Rodriguez Heyman. Most recently, Heyman launched the Nonprofit Fundraising Masters conference series to connect experienced and emerging nonprofit leaders to the tools and service providers needed to maximize fundraising results. Sessions for the Nonprofit Fundraising Masters series are coming up in Silicon Valley on July 27, and in San Francisco on October 19.